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TG reagent cover 100% market in feed DNA extraction detection area in Chinese Agriculture Ministry TG Kit is used as the standard in feed detection protocol in Chinese Agriculture Ministry The feed need to be detected to make sure that there is not any animal components to prevent mad cow desease. There are 20 labs in Chinese Agriculture Ministry in 17 provinces responsible for the detection.

TG provided 20,0000rxn detecting ragent during the epidemic disease H1N1 in 2009

‘Snow Dragon’ ,Chinese National Arctic Research Expedition ship, sent out on Oct.28, 2008 to the South Pole from Shanghai port, carried with TG reagents.

TIANGEN has provied hundreds of thousands of Vriuses detcetion ragent of Hand-foot and mouth disease since from 2008

TG reagents are used in 5.12 China Wenchuan Earthquake TG Bacteria gDNA extraction kits were used in food and water security detection after the earthquake.

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