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TIANprep Rapid Mini Plasmid Kit (DP105)

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TIANprep Rapid Mini Plasmid Kit is optimized from traditional alkaline lysis technology, by which high-quality plasmid DNA could be purified within 8 minutes. The new lysis buffer allows the adsorption of DNA onto silica membrane in the presence of high salt. The material that used to make the silica membrane is unique, highly-efficient and highly-specified. This protocol is designed for purification of DNA from 1-4 ml overnight cultures of E. coli.


  The fastest product to provide high pure plasmid within 6-8 min.

  Add color indicator to control and remind every process during the experiment ensure a high efficiency of plasmid purification.

  Could purify  more than 85% plasmid DNA from E. coli

Experimental  Example



Plasmid Type

Bacterial Cells Volume

Plasmid Yield


Low Copy

1-4 ml

3-10 μg

pBR322, pACYC, pSC101, SuperCos, pWE15

High Copy

1-4 ml

6-24 μg

pTZ, pUC, pBS, pGM-T

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