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TIANamp Soil DNA Kit (DP336)

Factory:TIANGEN Biotech(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.
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TIANamp Soil DNA Kit uses a unique buffer system, by which the humic acid in soil sample could be completely removed. Glass beads are also applied in this kit to process the lysis of components of soil sample in order to guarantee the integrity of gDNA.


Wide application:

Isolate pure DNA from all soil samples and difficult sample types, such as flower bed soil, potting soil, farmland soil, forest soil, sludge, red soil, black soil, dust and many other kinds of soil samples.

Rapid protocol:

The whole experimental procedure could be finished within 30 min.

Inhibitor Removal:

Eliminates humic substances and PCR inhibitors for DNA, gDNA isolated by this kit have high purity and is good for downstream experiments  

Experimental Example 

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