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TIANamp Blood DNA Kit(0.1-1ml)(DP318)

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TIANamp Blood DNA Kit is based on silica membrane technology and special buffer system for gDNA extraction effectively from fresh or frozen whole blood (with anticoagulants such as citrate, and EDTA ) The spin column made of new type silica-gel membrane in Blood DNA Kit can be easily bound by DNA specifically. PCR inhibitors such as impurities and proteins are completely removed in two efficient wash steps, leaving pure DNA to be eluted in either water or a buffer provided with the kit. Genomic DNA isolated with this kit is of high-quality and serves as an excellent template for agarose gel analysis, restriction enzyme digestion, PCR analysis and blotting procedures.


Store at room temperature (15-25℃)


■ The kit ensures high-quality DNA purification from fresh and frozen whole blood, plasma, serum, buffy coat and body fluids.

■ Entire purification process requires only 30 minutes of handling time.

■ The kit yields high-quality ready-to-use DNA for sensitive downstream applications.

Required Reagents:

Ethanol (96% -100%), RNase A (optional)

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