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Fast HiFidelity PCR Kit(KP202)

Factory:TIANGEN Biotech(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.
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KP202-02 50μL*1000preps Enquiry  
KP202-01 50μL*200preps Enquiry  

Fast HiFidelity Polymerase is purified from the hyper thermophilic original strain
Pyrococcus spp, with super 3 '- 5' exonuclease activity (Proofreading activity).
This product uses innovative synthetic affinity ligands technology, ligand inhibits
polymerases and exonuclease activity in a temperature dependent manner, ligand
A inhibits the DNA Polymerase activity at room temperature, which effectively
reducing nonspecific amplification; ligand B inhibits the3'–5’exonuclease activity
and prevents the primer and template from degrading, providing highly sensitive
and reliable high-fidelity PCR. The kit also contains PCR Enhancer, a unique
additive enabling efficient amplification of “difficult” templates.

■ High Fidelity: Owing to its high proofreading activity, Fast HiFidelity Polymerase
  with more than 80 times the accuracy of Taq DNA polymerase, 8 times of Pfu
  DNA Polymerase. High Amplifying Speed: Fast HiFidelity Polymerase has a
  unique extension enhancement factor, which make the extending speed and the
  amplification significantly improved, extension speed can be increased to 15~30
  sec/kb, 2~4 times faster than Taq DNA Polymerase, 4~8 times faster than Pfu
  DNA Polymerase
■ Easy to Operation: This product uses innovative synthetic affinity ligands
  technology, make it easy to get the highly specific Hot Start PCR without any
  extra steps.
■ Mg2+ Automatic Balanced System: Owing to its uniquely balanced system for
  Mg2+ concentration, optimization of Mg2+ concentrations in PCR often minimal or
  not required.

Store at -20℃

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