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SuperReal PreMix Plus(SYBR Green)(FP205)

Factory:TIANGEN Biotech(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.
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FP205-03 50μL*2000preps Enquiry  
FP205-02 50μL*200preps Enquiry  
FP205-01 50μL*50preps Enquiry  

SuperReal PreMix Plus (SYBR Green) is designed exclusively for SYBR
GreenⅠ-based real-time PCR. The kit is premixed with optimal SYBR Green
I and 2x SuperReal PreMix Plus which provides easy preparation of reaction
SuperReal PreMix Plus uses unique two-component hot-start Taq DNA
polymerases (Chemically modified Taq DNA polymerase and antibody modified
Taq DNA polymerase) and special optimal buffer system. This ensures fast,
quantitative and sensitive real-time PCR.
■ SuperReal PreMix Plus uses a unique dual component hot start polymerase (DNA
chemically modified HotStar TaqDNA polymerase and modified by Anti Taq DNA
polymerase), forming an enzyme automatic regulation system, with the careful
optimization buffer system, with high amplification efficiency, high specificity and
broad credible range characteristics.
■ Buffer system in The product has balanced the K+ and NH4+ proportion, added
a unique H-Bond factor, which can adjust hydrogen bonding of reaction system,
making a more rigorous primer and template annealing condition, enhanced
reaction specificity, and a better repeatability.
■ To prepare the PCR reaction system, only need to add template, primers, and
ddH2O to carry out the Real Time PCR reaction, the operation is simple and
■ With ROX Reference Dye, it can eliminate signal background and the correct


Store at -20°C and in dark condition.

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