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FastLine Cell cDNA Kit(kr105)

Factory:TIANGEN Biotech(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.
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KR105 20μL*50preps Enquiry  

The kit provides a fast and simple procedure for preparing first-strand cDNA directly from cultured cells without RNA purification. The kit is supplied with wash and lysis buffers for
preparing lysates and stabilizing RNA, with gDNA Wipeout Buffer for eliminating genomic DNA contamination, and with all reaction components for fast and efficient cDNA synthesis.

cDNA synthesized by the FastLane Cell cDNA Kit gives highly sensitive and reproducible results in real-time two-step RT-PCR. The kit is ideal for experiments which require a snapshot of individual transcript levels, such as:
Validation of siRNA-mediated gene knockdown
Evaluation of drug effects
Detection of gene regulation

Buffer FCW and Buffer FCP should be stored at room temperature15-25°C; Other Reagents at -20°C.

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